Wednesday, November 16

Bear & Vote

I found this lovely Hardly Bear pattern by Penelope Waits (via Mrs. Lacer on Feeling Stitchy) a little while ago and just had to buy it. The text reads "You're so....I can hardly bear it". Not sure yet what I will fill in on the dots (awesome, cute, sweet, smelly?). As usual my cross stitching is a bit wonky. Or should I say 'dodgey' (yes that is spelled incorrectly) as someone called Anonymous kindly commented on my post about the Lazy Daisy Peacock Feather Stitch?  ;)

Now onto the 'vote' part of this post. I have been rather busy the last few days with preparing the public vote for the Feeling Stitchy 'Covered in Stitches' Contest. It was incredibly difficult to choose from all the contest entries. If you have taken a look in the Contest Group in the last couple of weeks you will know that there were a lot of awesome pieces posted. I think (at least I hope) this contest inspired stitchers to do more than they thought they were capable of and I know that in turn their works will inspire other embroiderers too.

So...six Feeling Stitchy bloggers (including myself) made individual top 10's of our favourite entries, awarding points from 1 to 10. I think we ended up with a pretty awesome selection. Read all about it in my post on Feeling Stitchy here, and vote for your favourite embroidered book cover!

P.s.  I even spotted one of the pieces from our top 10 on Etsy. It's an incredible bargain for such an amazing  piece!


  1. I've been following you for a while now and don't know how I ever missed the peacock feather tutorial! It's really lovely.
    I just love your blog and it's got me inspired to embroidery again ~ I've done a bunch of things so far.

  2. That cross stitch is just lovely. So lovely, I may have to buy one for myself. I don't know what word I'll choose, either. Also, I posted a comment on the Feeling Stitchy site about this, but I just want to say how impressed I am with all of the artwork the FS book cover art contest inspired. It was so hard to even vote for one... can't imagine how hard it must have been to curate. But as always with you, stellar job!


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