Tuesday, November 1

He he it's a Crafty Spunky Sock Monkey!

Detail of the Crafty Spunky Monkey Pattern
Many thanks to all the peeps who left a comment on the previous post! I'm calling this the Crafty Spunky Monkey pattern. So h3xkitten if you let me know your email address, I will send you a Crafty Spunky Monkey pattern!

Crafty Spunky Monkey is a PDF Hand Embroidery Pattern, perfect for beginning stitchers too. It comes with a stitch and colour guide and would make a great gift for crafty friends. I have included a banner in the pattern so you can add a quote or name of your choice. :) You can purchase the pattern here !


  1. yay! It's so rare that I win things :) Thank you! h3xkitten {at} g mail {dot} com


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