Monday, December 19

Perfect match

Nearly done with this cute Penelope Waits pattern and I'm so very happy with the colour I chose for the lettering! It's a hand dyed variegated floss and the colour is called 'cedar'. (Click on the photo to see the different colours) Very fitting for a Bear/Woodland themed embroidery, right? Because the Bear is stitched in only one colour, I thought the variegated floss would add a little more interest to the embroidery. I bought the floss in this Etsy shop a couple of years ago. I don't see this particular colourway there anymore but there are lots of other pretty variegated flosses to check out.


  1. Holy Cow that colour is pretty! I will have to pay a visit to this little Etsy store :)

  2. was just reading through your blog (via feeling stitchy) and was v chuffed to see this here :)
    very glad you like the pattern!


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