Sunday, December 11

What every fabric stash needs...

When I bought some goodies for my Secret Santa Swap partner I couldn't resist adding a little something for myself to the order. This is the outwitted colourway of Lizzy House's Outfoxed  (I bought it here). I instantly fell for the sweet hedgehog print and the adorable foxes. When I just started buying fabrics, years ago now, I only bought the cute prints of a line of fabrics. I didn't really care much for coordinating fabrics of the same line that compliment the 'star' print of the line. Well that has changed. Every stash (and every line of fabrics) needs some good coordinating prints with their 'star' print and Lizzy does that so well! Love the leaf print and the geometrical design and the pearl bracelet print is a winner of course.

As I was about to send my Secret Santa Swap yesterday, my husband remarked that it might not be a good idea to send the cute flower bulbs that were in the package. Apparently there are regulations for importing plant related stuff. And I could have known as this happened to a small lavender pillow I once sent as part of a swap to Australia. So instead of the flower bulbs I have made a 'charmpack' with a few of my favourite prints that go really lovely together. At least I think so...

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will probably have noticed that I'm very excited about the Fat Quarterly Community Sewing Retreat in London next year. I will be there on both days and I can't wait to meet many of my online sewing/quilting peeps. Check out the details here if you are interested in coming too!


  1. I'm just popping over from the Flickr Retreat Group to say hi, nice to meet you :o) Love all that fabric!

  2. LOVE the Lizzy House fabric! I was lucky enough to take a print making workshop with her at Squam a couple of years ago. She is super talented!


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