Sunday, January 8

The Cat's Paw

Is there anything better than a white furry cat paw with pink toes? Tijger has been with us for about five months now and she is probably the weirdest cat we ever had. She likes to hang out in our damp shower cabin right after we have used it, sometimes for an hour or so. She is scared of vacuum cleaners but luckily for her we don't do a lot of vacuuming around here.;)

And luckily for us she is less of a hunter/attacker than before (but still does that from time to time).  She does like to follow me around the house though, which is fine by me as long as she keeps those adorable white paws to herself!


  1. Oh bless her, she is gorgeous!!

    We took in a very weird cat as well - ultra fussy, ultra cute, but a very scary killer instinct!!

    Her favourite place in the world is asleep in the bath :0)

  2. All my cats like the shower and one even likes to be vacuumed!
    Tijger is beautiful!

  3. My Mum's cat does the shower thing too. She loves to lick up the drops of water that are left on the floor. Sometimes she'll go and sit in there and complain until you turn the shower on for a moment so there are more water drops for her to drink.

  4. Cute paws!! I love cat's paws too, but since we moved here, her white fur and her paws got gray with dirt. I feel like giving her a bath but maybe after we move into the new house. You cat is so cute!!

  5. i love my cats paws too. He hates me touching them, but i can't help giving them a little squeeze when he's asleep!


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