Sunday, January 15

Wolfboy and a grumpy Bear

Things got a little bit hectic after the launch of the &Stitches ezine last week. The attention for and response to our adventure has been great so far and we are very grateful for the support of course. Time to take a step back now and get on with the next issue! Today I'm jotting down some ideas for future issues, in this cute Wolfboy notebook.  I bought it here.

Photo and artwork by Cate Anevski

Last Friday I wrote about an awesome piece by Cate Anevski on Feeling Stitchy. I just couldn't resist and had to add the original version of this grumpy fellow to my small Embroidery collection! You can stitch your own bear (and 6 other 'Animal Expressions') because there is a pattern set available (I actually purchased that as well). I named the Feeling Stitchy post 'Because Bears have Thoughts too' and I might just stitch those words to hang besides mr. Grumpy Bear...


  1. I love the "grumpy bear" but I wonder about the drop shadow below his eyes and nose (and a bit behind his head as well, now that I look closely). I see that photo and artwork were done by the designer, Cate Anevski, and not by you, but I was wondering if you knew whether the shadows were added to the photo using Photoshop (or another piece of image manipulation software) or were actually part of the piece - either crayon-shaded or even if the elements were somehow raised off of the background? (I could almost imagine the nose protruding from the face by some means such as being attached to a pin, but the stem stitched eyes must be done one the background, mustn't they be?)

    It is a very cute piece, but as an example of pattern for sale I would prefer to see an example that shows it as it is meant to look after stitching...

    I know that adding drop-shadows can be addictive when one gets into post-processing photos, but I think we should all be careful about how we present our art - photographing it as well as possible but then leaving it realistic. If I am wrong and it is supposed to be shaded, then I hope the pattern includes instructions on how it was done.

    Great blog, btw! I'll be following it from now on!

    1. hi! I have the actual piece hanging above my couch now so I think I can answer some of your questions. The shadows that you are referring to, seem to be done with some kind of tinting, I'm guessing crayon-tinting. I don't think it is mentioned in the pattern (which I also own but don't have at hand) but it's easy enough to copy from the example, right? The embroidery itself is pretty much straightforward. The snout probably seems a bit 'raised' because it's whiter than the rest, which gives the optical illusion of being raised'. I'm sure the artist's photo shows the object at it's best and maybe it's enhanced slightly. I'm not very talented at photography and I don't really do photoshop etc. I try to show my pieces at their best but still 'real'. :)


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