Monday, March 19

A bit of fabric fun...Spring Forest

Just this morning my friend Katy (from the Monkey Do blog) launched a fun contest where you have to put together a bundle of fabrics from this store to have a chance to win your very own bundle! Well it's easier to make fabric combo's from your stash than from an online store but I think I managed to make a rather attractive bundle of fabrics. I call it Spring Forest.
(From top left)
1. Cross Hatch in Green
2. 30's yellow
3. Bella Turquoise
4. Wing Study in Meadow
5. Herringbone in Berry
6. Forest in Off-White
7. Woodgrain in Vintage yellow
8. Sundae Strip in Lime
9. Pearl Bracelet in Turquoise
10. Basket Weave in Blue
11. Annies Big Dot in yellow
12. Mono Pez in Brown

Find details of the contest here.


  1. This is lovely!!

  2. Very nice. I went for a springtime in the woods look, too - but mine is very different to yours. Different forest, I guess!

    1. haha yes, yours looks a lot 'warmer' than mine. I should have called it 'Very Early Spring Forest' or something. :)


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