Sunday, March 4

Snow Bunny

Guess where this Bunny was hiding for the past couple of days? We were enjoying a short break in the snowy Bavarian Alps! Even though it was a little too warm, the youngest bunnies enjoyed their ski-lessons and are becoming quite advanced skiers now. Unlike me...I'm still scared of skiing and only tried it for one day on a nearly flat practice slope. ;)

If you are from the Low Countries, this really is a change of scenery!

And of course we didn't travel alone. A whole bunch of cuddly animals and snuggly blankets were taken along as well. :)

So now it's 'back to business'! The second issue of &Stitches is beginning to take shape but there is still lots to be done. It will be a good one though so keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peeks of featured projects in the next couple of weeks!

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