Tuesday, April 17

Big Bad

It's been a bit hectic in the past week two weeks or so. Two birthdays (myself and my youngest daughter), the release of my Abel the Stitch explorer pattern (which had a wonderful warm welcome and I'm really chuffed with that) and finishing the second issue of &Stitches!

While both Carina and I have worked on putting together the new e-zine since January, somehow a lot needed to be done at the last moment. But we managed to do it! Please check out our blog for details (including a discount for Early Bird Buyers) and there's a chance to win a copy of our e-zine at the Wild Olive blog too.

I'm currently stitching Cate Anevski's Big Bad and Little Red pattern from the current &Stitches issue, it's such a fun pattern to stitch. I used one of Lizzy House's 'Outfoxed' fabrics to stitch on and now it looks like the Big Bad (grey) Wolf is hiding in the forest a bit. :)  I'm nearly done stitching Little Red; I chose a lovely but difficult to stitch on fabric for that one and I may have to start again on a fabric that is more suitable...


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