Friday, May 25

More shading

I'm still happily experimenting with shading in my Rabbit embroidery. I think I wrote earlier that I'm not looking to stitch very realistic stuff, I just want to add some subtlety to the fill stitching and colouring in my embroideries. And that takes time. Time to learn and time to execute. It's really worth it though and fun too. So the flower may not perfect but that's ok because I learned lots from stitching it. :)

After I stitched the (rather large) flower I washed out all the old blue markings and made new drawings directly on the fabric. I'm rather pleased with the flowery additions. The rabbit is now called Lucky by the way, after my previous blog post (which was mainly about how lucky I felt with the swap goodies I received). I thought it was a cute name for a rabbit. 

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