Wednesday, September 26

New Pattern! Tales from the Forest Motifs

I'm so excited about presenting my new pattern to you all called Tales of the Forest Motifs! At long last a Follow the White Bunny pattern with some smaller sized motifs. :)  The main motifs are: a silhouette bear (pictured above), a dainty doe and a bird who is also a key-keeper (see pics below).

a Dainty Doe

Bird & key-keeper

V.I.B. Very Important Bear

The Bear and Doe are approx 3 inches across, the Bird is a little bigger because of it's tail. I also added some tiny motifs (stars, a letter and a flower) to the collection for further stitching pleasure. I think these patterns are great starting points for making up stories for your kids (or even better: make up stories with your kids) about the adventures of these forest critters!

Needless to say these smaller motifs are perfect for pillowcases (see top photo), bags, tea towels, wall decoration and last minute Christmas Gift stitching! If you like the look of this pattern (only $4) you can purchase one in the Follow the White Bunny shop!


  1. This looks like a gorgeous collection - I especially love the doe!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! My very first pattern (now retired) had a bird with a key as well!

  3. I particularly like the bird too, but they're all lovely

  4. I'm just starting with embroidery and found this post. Is the dainty doe not available anymore? I'd love to make this one!

    1. hi Katie, it's not in my shop anymore. Send me an e-mail at and we can sort something out :)


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