Monday, November 5

Plus Quilts

If you are looking for a fun and easy quilt top, Plus quilts are a great option. Basically it's just squares that you sew together in rows so it comes together real quick. I made these quilt tops for my two daughters earlier this year so they would both have their own (small) quilt in the living room. I know I've shared some photos on Instagram of these but I don't think I have shown them here yet!

The quilt top on the right is for my teen, featuring some bold and bright Sis Boom fabrics (and a few fabrics that have been hiding in my stash for a long time) and the quilt top on the left is for my youngest. She chose Lizzy House's Outfoxed fabric from my stash and I added some (more or less) matching fabrics. I figured out how to do the pattern myself but wished I had come across this Plus Quilt tutorial on Jeni's In Color Order blog before I started...

For those who are interested in the progress of my Pindsvin plushie. I was just attaching his head to his body this afternoon. It was quite hard to get the stitching nice and even, not to mention invisible. I hope I haven't created a Franken-Pindsvin now! I'm not sure if it's my hand sewing skills, the felt, the not exactly matching thread colour or a combination of those things...Luckily he will be receiving a scarf from Julie so he can hide my stitches...

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  1. I'm actually making my brother a plus quilt for Christmas! I haven't started yet though, oh dear. :) But I'll go with squares as big as I can cut them with the fabrics I've pulled from the stash! Yours are so lovely!

    Can't wait to make Pindsvin his little scarf, it's really going to be the most fun knitting I've done in ages!


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