Saturday, September 29

Rabbit: progress in pictures from start till now started with a few simple stitches and then evolved over the months into something that is already quite special to me.  Even though progress is slow and I'm not quite finished yet, I think this is my favourite piece so far! (click on the photo to enlarge if you want to study some cat hairs  the details)

Wednesday, September 26

New Pattern! Tales from the Forest Motifs

I'm so excited about presenting my new pattern to you all called Tales of the Forest Motifs! At long last a Follow the White Bunny pattern with some smaller sized motifs. :)  The main motifs are: a silhouette bear (pictured above), a dainty doe and a bird who is also a key-keeper (see pics below).

a Dainty Doe

Bird & key-keeper

V.I.B. Very Important Bear

The Bear and Doe are approx 3 inches across, the Bird is a little bigger because of it's tail. I also added some tiny motifs (stars, a letter and a flower) to the collection for further stitching pleasure. I think these patterns are great starting points for making up stories for your kids (or even better: make up stories with your kids) about the adventures of these forest critters!

Needless to say these smaller motifs are perfect for pillowcases (see top photo), bags, tea towels, wall decoration and last minute Christmas Gift stitching! If you like the look of this pattern (only $4) you can purchase one in the Follow the White Bunny shop!

Monday, September 24

Winter Forest Quilt and an ignored pillow

I'm very glad to be done with this Winter Forest Quilt and I love how it turned out. It took me less than a year to finish which is pretty quick by my standards :)  My Winter Forest Quilt was heavily inspired by this fabulous quilt made by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.

Another thing I finished last weekend was a small pillow for my cat Tijger.

I used lovely soft and pretty Anna Maria Horner flannel and by adding pom poms to the back and front of the pillow I hoped it somewhat would look like a Flying Carpet. Sadly Tijger decided to ignore the pillow all together after this photo session. Her favourite spot is right next to it on the bare window sill. *sigh*

In other news: currently I'm very busy stitching my upcoming pattern: a collection of (larger) motifs. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to share! In the mean time: don't forget about my Special September Offer. The Tales of the Forest embroidery pattern is only available in the shop this coming week and will retire when September ends.

Friday, September 21

Framing in a hoop

Framing your embroideries in a wooden hoop is an inexpensive way of displaying stitcheries you made or bought (or if you are lucky: received in a swap!) If you have been following this blog you know that  I have an ever changing (and expanding) embroidery gallery in my living room. And most (except that awesome swap piece in the top of the gallery) of the pieces are framed in a hoop. I'm not exactly an expert hoop-framer so when I had to glue a commissioned piece in a hoop last week I got a little nervous. Probably because I once almost messed up an embroidery that was meant to appear in a magazine by spilling glue on it.  I know there are glue-free options to frame in a hoop but for some reasons those have never appealed to me. Possibly because I'm too lazy. :)

Anyway I think I have now found a way of framing in a hoop that I feel more comfortable with (but still involves some glue!). It's not a revolutionary new approach so I'm not going to call it a tutorial. Just sharing how I framed that little sleepy hedgehog you see pictured above and maybe the information is useful to some of you. :)

After ironing the embroidery (on the 'wrong' side) I put some batting (or wadding, used for quilting and available in craft and fabric stores) between the inner ring and the fabric. This gives your piece a slightly padded look and makes a nice neutral backing for your embroidery (so little stray threads etc are less visible).

I cut away fabric (and batting) about 1-1.5 inch all around the hoop.

Then on to the 'scary' glue bit. I use very little fabric glue (Guetermann creative HT2 available in craft stores over here, not sure about other countries!) on the inside of the inner ring. The batting also doubles as protective layer for any small glue accidents you may experience.

Carefully fold the fabric to the inside of the hoop and gently press the fabric against the glue on the ring. The inner ring is pushed slightly forward so the back 'sinks' in the outer hoop thus making the piece not too bulky on the back.

To finish the back of your piece I find the most easy thing to do is to trace the outer ring of the hoop on a piece of felt, cut the circle out and glue it on the hoop.

So I'm curious: how do you frame your embroideries? To glue or not to glue? In proper frames behind glass? Let me know!

P.S. the little hedgehog I framed in the hoop was one of my earlier patterns and is no longer available but this pattern  (on special offer now) is perfectly autumnal too :)

Sunday, September 16


Here's my Happy When It Rains Cloud all finished. You can download the free pattern here. And read the shading tutorial here. I put him in a 3" hoop and added  a ribbon so I can hang my little cloud on the wall. Perfect for Fall, right?

Wednesday, September 12

Special price on Tales of the Forest Pattern

Yesterday I received a question about my Bear patterns and that gave me the idea to bring this cute pattern called 'Tales from the Forest' back in the shop for a couple of weeks to celebrate the change of seasons. :)

This little forest scene, where a chatty squirrel talks to a friendly bear is perfect for this time of year! The pattern is available for immediate download in the Follow the White Bunny shop during September for the special price of 3.50$  You can also purchase it in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, September 9

Post it Quilt

I finally finished a quilt again. I can't even remember what the last quilt I finished looked like! The top was done last year and I then named it my 'Post it Quilt' because the yellow squares remind me of Post it notes. :)

I quilted it in a simple way by quilting squares and rectangles around the yellow squares. Each block is quilted differently.

For the back I used a (rather BRIGHT!) dotty fabric that I vaguely remember buying in a sale a long long time ago. The selvedge said 2002, that's even several years from before I started sewing! Anyway I thought it was a good match with the quilt top. It was slightly too small so I pieced in a strip of equally BRIGHT fabric. :)

And now it's ready to be gifted!

Monday, September 3

Everlong...combining a few favourite things

I'm not going to bore you with how much I love the Foo Fighters' music but just in case you were wondering: Everlong is a song by the Foo Fighters that I have been listening to a lot lately. So this cross stitch started there.

I made the lettering in a cross stitch design program (a free trial version, I'm still in doubt whether to buy cross stitch design software) After stitching the first letter (the 'l', I started in the middle) I thought it would be fun to stitch each letter in a different favourite colour. When I finished stitching the colourful lettering I decided to add some cute elements. Bunnies and Ivy aren't very Rock and Roll I guess but they look all right in this design :)  I found the bunny in Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion and the Ivy/flowery thing is an adapted version from a design in A Rainbow of Stitches. I want to add a flying bird on the right side so if anyone has suggestions where I can find one, let me know!

Speaking of favourite things and cross stitch: I found this great Labyrinth pattern at Weelittlestitches.

Surely a must for every cross stitching Labyrinth fan! And because there was a 20% discount on buying two or more patterns (sale ends 8th of September) I also bought the Breakfast Club pattern. Weelittlestitches has a large selection of slightly geeky/nerdy patterns including LOTR, IT crowd, Star Trek etc The patterns were sent very quickly with detailed instructions.

Later this week I will be back with my finished cloud embroidery. Have you started yours already? Find the pattern and the tutorial here!