Friday, January 11

A Better Match

Timber & Leaf is the name of this adorable line of fabric, designed by Sarah Watts. Sarah Watts is an illustrator originally and you really must check out her other fabulous work here. The delicate designs, which show her talent as artist, and subtle use of colour are quite different from any other line of fabric I know.

I stumbled upon these fabrics because Luna wasn't crazy about this scrappy quilt I was making for her bed (see photo above). To be fair, Timber & Leaf is a much better match with Luna's introvert character than the scrappy quilt is.

Luna had requested a 'Plus' quilt for her bed but I managed to convince her that a Chevron pattern would be pretty neat too. I'm still in the process of making Half Square Triangles (this tutorial on P.S. I Quilt describes how I make mine) and even though I mix in suitable fabrics from my stash a little more Timber & Leaf would be nice to complete the quilt. Good thing I didn't make any New Year's resolutions about buying fabric. ;)

p.s. I bought my FQ bundle of Timber & Leaf here.


  1. This fabric line is new to me, and looks adorable. I think I'll order some. The color palette looks very peaceful.
    Can't wait to see more of your chevron quilt progress, sew lady, sew!! :)

  2. Timber and Leaf is gorgeous. Sadly I am on a fabric buying ban but only because I'm saving up to buy an overlocker. Once I get that I'll be looking for some Timber and Leaf :-)

  3. I hadn't seen this fabric before. I love the softness of the color. The quilt will be beautiful, I can't wait to see a picture of it finished.

  4. It's a lovely line and your daughter's quilt is a perfect reason to buy it. I haven't seen it before but I'm off to check out Sarah's other designs :-)

  5. Thanks everyone! I assumed many of you were not familiar with these lovely prints and wanted to put them in the spotlight a bit. :)

  6. I bought a bundle of this from the same place but not cut into it yet. It took a while because customs decided it was going to whack a charge on, but you win some and you lose some. No idea what pattern I'm putting it into yet, I came across your blog because I was googling quilts made from it for inspiration :)

    (Kerry at


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