Wednesday, January 30

Woodlands &Stitches is out now!

The new &Stitches zine is out today and it's all about woodland flora and fauna this time! We have woodland animal inspired patterns (including my Barry the -Tiny- Badger pattern, a Folksy Fox, an Owl Girl and Animal Tracks) and neat ideas for stitching woodland scenery.

We talk to Trish Burr, author of several fabulous needle painting books and Abby Glassenberg: soft toy pattern maker, craft book author and all round inspiring crafty person. Katie of Mother Eagle makes beautiful miniature hand embroidered jewelry and we interviewed her as well. Our featured designer this time is Laura Howard of Bugs and Fishes and she contributed an adorable design to this issue:

There's lots more to read and make in our new issue (over 70 pages!) and we even have included coupons for discounts in my own Follow the White Bunny Shop and Carina's Polka & Bloom shop, so don't miss out!

As reader of this blog you can get Woodlands &Stitches with a 10% discount (we offer the same discount on the &Stitches blog except my code is valid a bit longer) if you enter the code OWLTAKETHATDISCOUNT on checkout.  This offer ends Monday the 4th of February.  


  1. Oh that's really sweet of you to offer a discount ~ just wanted to point out that the 4th of February is on Monday, next Friday is the 8th. teehee

    1. oh my bad! Thank you for pointing that out! It's this Monday the 4th. :)

  2. OH! Barry the Badger is ADORABLE! I love him!


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