Monday, March 11

Hey sailor!

A quick update of my Bear & Fish embroidery! While I was stitching the rose (just beneath the foxglove) I was thinking about putting Bear in a sailor suit (including a cute sailor hat). There is a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in one of our local museums right now and that's probably where the idea came from. I would need to do some unpicking of fur on the top of Bear's head and draw the new outfit  directly on the fabric but a sailor outfit would look really lovely on Bear I think. :)


  1. Oh that is such a fun idea! I don't want to see animals with cone bras though ;)

  2. Too cute ... you're so creative

  3. Bear would look so sweet in a sailor costume ~ love how the shading in your embroidery is turning out ~ really lovely!

    1. Thank you! As you may have noticed I'm not too subtle in the shading. I really like to add a bit of 'drama' by using darker shades fairly often!


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