Sunday, March 3

On Smiling Teacups, a Love Story and Postage Stamps

I just returned from a few days away with the family. Everyone in the family, except me, had had some type of flu in the weeks before so the break was very welcome.  Just before we left I bought this cute 'Fancy a cuppa?' Frosted Pumpkin Pattern (see photo) and being a bit in a hurry I couldn't find all of the floss that the pattern description mentioned but managed to find most of it.  I stuffed some Aida (this was the only colour I could find) embroidery scissors and the printed pattern in a craft bag and took it as my project on the go. I always take some kind of crafty project with me on trips. I got most of the Teacup finished while I was away.

I also did a bit of reading and one of the books I read was Jojo Moyes 'Me before You'. Not the type of book I usually read so I had been 'avoiding' it for a while but I'm glad I finally read it. I thought it was a very well written, touching love story with heartwarming characters and dealing with some difficult issues as well.

Before I left I also started on another new scrappy quilt project: a low volume postage stamp quilt based on this tutorial. I'm in doubt whether this quilt won't become to boring with all these muted shades and very tempted to mix in some brighter strips or squares...


  1. Nicole, I like the colors and love cross stitch. Beautiful job.
    Congratas fron Brazil, Ana.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cute little cuppa! I love those Frosted Pumpkin patterns, but I haven't tried any yet, this one might make me change my mind, it's adorable!

  3. Love the low volume squares. Me before you has been sa on my shelf for ages, maybe I should give it a go too!

  4. I'm loving the Frosted Pumpkin patterns and have finished the Valentine chemistry pattern and am now working on the Woodland Sampler.

    1. I started the Woodland sampler too! But on 28 ct so this teacup on 14ct was easier as 'on the go' project :)

  5. Sweet tea cup.
    What an endeavor you've started with the postage stamp quilt ~ all those little pieces ~ I'm doing the Scrappy Trip. It's a lot of pieces too but put together in a different way. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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