Saturday, April 6

Flow Feature!

Today my shop is featured on the Dutch blog of the very lovely Flow magazine. As you probably all know I am Dutch but rarely sell a pattern in my home country. Embroidery seems to be quite a rare thing over here and is mainly associated with cross stitch. Hopefully this feature will inspire some of the Flow blog readers  to pick up needle and thread and start embroidering! :)  Flow magazine (the printed version) is now also available in English and I'm sure many of you will love it. Find more details here.

Thank you to all who sent me kind birthday wishes and downloaded the free-bee pattern last week. As part of my birthday present I get to adopt another cat today. So we are heading to the animal shelter in a bit to see if we can find a suitable companion for Tijger. I'm very excited about it!


  1. Hope you find a wonderful kitty ~ I've gotten mine at a shelter when they were all grown, so many time the grown kitties are so often overlooked.
    Glad you had a nice birthday!

    1. our shelter only has grown up cats! It was hard to choose anyway. There was a bunch of really sweet cats there. We took a male cat home, he's called Milo. I will introduce him properly on the blog later this week!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday (we've been away!) and v excited for you that you are getting a new kitty! Love the Bee sampler in your last post - such a pretty little piece. I am surprised that embroidery is not big with the Dutch - somehow in my head I think of lacemaking etc and imagine that every Dutch lady is sitting at home working on a sampler. I guess not!

  3. Congratulations on being featured in Flow magazine and on getting another kitty. Milo looks like a proper cutie. I hope he and Tijger will get on really well soon.

  4. leuk leuk leuk , borduren is zo lekker , zo leuk om te zien dat jij er mee in Flow staat , TOP


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