Wednesday, May 1

Finished some stuff!

Let's be honest, most of the crafty things I show here on the blog are things that are half-finished, or not even that. But this week I managed to finish some simple items and actual remembered to write about it too. Pictured above is some lettering I designed (and embroidered) to go with the Fly me to the Moon Embroidery Pattern.

The second item I finished in the past few days was Luna's lap quilt. A cute blanket to snuggle under when she is watching tv or something. Nothing spectacular: a simple pattern and simple straight line quilting. I do prefer more densely, free motion quilted quilts but after two failed attempts I decided to do 'off the grid' straight lines. Un picking quilting isn't much fun... I have a similar quilt for Zoe that is nearly finished too, just need to make and sew on the binding. :)  Most of the fabric I used for Luna's quilt is from Lizzy House's Outfoxed line of fabric.

The stunning cat-with-quilt photo I had in mind didn't happen, Milo's thoughts were elsewhere I guess!


  1. I love your fly me to the moon embroidery it's just perfect! x

  2. I love your stuff. And Milo is adorable.

  3. Love the Fly me to the Moon and Bear of course.
    Milo is sweet too ~ my cats never fail to be the first to use anything I make ~ especially quilts!

  4. cute cute cute! And as for those dare cats, they always pose when you don't have your camera ready!


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