Monday, May 13

Tiny Jackalope

This weekend I spent rather a lot of time with this tiny fella. He's based on this free pattern of mine from a couple of years back and over the weekend he magically evolved from a white bunny into a brown Jackalope. I had a lot of fun stitching the flowers and leaves around him and I definitely think these will return in a future pattern or two! Some of those were inspired by this pattern I recently shared and some of the inspiration probably came from the Stitched in Scandinavia book I reviewed last week.

I used some of my favourite shades of blue from the DMC six stranded flosses for the flowers: no 3810 and 775. And probably about eight different colours of brown, beige and cream shades for the Jackalope.  Everything was stitched with just one strand of floss and sometimes I even wished there was such a thing as half a strand of floss for the tiniest details!


  1. So much texture! Beautiful stitching Nicole x

  2. He is incredibly cute. The colours of the flowers are gorgeous too.

  3. Oh, that is just too darn cute.
    Wonderful stitching you did, Nicole. Lovely.

  4. Oh Nicole, I love this guy SO much. I love all your little creatures, they have such personalities in them!, but I have a special love for jackalopes. He's enchanting!


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