Monday, August 19

Fine Feathers

bird the squirrel update

A tiny update on my tiny Bird the Squirrel embroidery (only a little over an inch high!). I started adding some colourful feathers to his back. Apparently when he was just a young squirrel Bird was adopted by a family of Flying Squirrels. They travelled with a circus performing a Fairly Amazing Flying Squirrel Act.  Being a regular grey Squirrel, flying didn't come natural to Bird so he made a rather clever construction (using lots of different feathers) which allowed him to fly short distances.

The orange pink feather (rumour has it that Bird the Squirrel obtained it from a sleeping Flamingo) is a tiny Raised Herringbone Stitch. The other feathers are all some sort of Fly Stitch varieties.


  1. I love this little fella! Amazing how you can do such tiny stitching! Chrissie x

  2. awww, I love every thing about this little guy: the size, the stitches, and the story behind it too. Can't wait to see more.

  3. I <3 squirrels and yours is totally adorable!

  4. I missed this update, he really is the best squirrel ever. If I see him in my garden I'll be sure to give Bird an extra slice of cake with his bird seed. :) xx


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