Monday, September 23

From my sketchbook...

Yes, another drawing of Pindsvin. This is just before he embarks his teacup to sail the seven seas. Tea spoon ready for some serious peddling and a suitcase full of Traveling-Hedgehog-Essentials. :)

Over the next two months or so I will be doing a lot more sketching as I have just enrolled in a short online course for illustrating Children's books, hoping to improve my illustrating skills a little bit (or preferably a lot!). The subject of the illustration is Thumbelina and obviously that is right up my street. If I have any nice results to show I'll definitely share them here on the blog!


  1. I hadn't realized his suitcase was in the teacup, before. But of course it is! :)

  2. I love P and his spoon :) Good luck with the course and do share!

  3. How sweet! Completely charming. Don't get too good - just a little bit unpolished can be perfect too (and I mean that in the best possible way!) Jen : )

    1. Thanks! I will try and continue to be slightly unpolished ;)


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