Sunday, November 24

Spooky Blackwork Owl


Later this week I'll be posting a small Blackwork sampler I made for Single Colour Stitching theme on the &Stitches blog. Well the technique is Blackwork but my little sampler is made with different shades of green instead of black as I was allowed to use any colour except black. I found much inspiration in these two books from my personal 'library'.


I even purchased another Blackwork book on Ebay yesterday. Anyway, my small sampler was stitched on 14 count aida but I wanted to raise the bar and try stitching on a higher count even weave fabric. I found some 18 count aida (at least I think it's 18 count) in my stash, made a not very accurate copy of an owl I found in the book you see on the right and continued exploring blackwork in blue and green this time. The owl looks kind of spooky but then the example is a bit strange at well. ;) If you want to try Blackwork too you can find some simple templates (same ones I used for my small sampler) and useful links here


  1. Lovely!!!

    I just bought that RSN book, too.

  2. I love it! The colours add a real depth and interest to the stitching...I find him rather mesmerizing with that stare... Cxxx


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