Tuesday, January 28

Join my Furry Nice Embroidery Class!

I'm incredibly excited (and admittedly a bit nervous too) about my first online Embroidery Class called Furry Nice which launches this April. In this online class I'll be sharing with you tips and tricks that are at the heart of my unique way of stitching small embroideries of furry creatures! We'll be stitching a small portrait of a Polar Bear (with scarf obviously) and several other patterns will be included as well for you to try out your newly learned skills, like the Dapper Sailor Fox pictured below.

Learning new skills is the best present you can give yourself! So why not join my Furry Nice class? You can find out more and sign up here.


  1. I just signed up. I've been wanting to learn shading techniques, and this starts the day after my birthday, so it's a present to myself.

  2. What level of embroidery do I need to be at? I am a super beginner (as in I am still scard of French knots) but if there was ever going to be an embroidery teacher I'd trust, it'd be you...
    E xx

    1. Thank you! I sent you an e-mail yesterday! For everyone else reading along: It's not a class to learn Embroidery with a bunch of different stitches, but confident beginners (with *some* embroidery) experience can join in. The stitches used are not difficult, it's more an introduction into creating lively looking furry creatures with needle and thread. :)

  3. I have just signed up and am really excited to begin! I really love your work and am looking forward to learning tips from you and creating your beautiful designs :)


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