Sunday, April 27

Double Dutch Quilt Along


About a month ago I wrote about Lotje's 'Everything but the Kitchen Sink Quilt'.
A delightful random and scrappy sampler quilt  (see photo below) which inspired us to start a Double Dutch (the name of our quilt group) Quilt Along. You can find the first block and further details about the Quilt Along on Lotje's blog. There are few rules and you can make as many or as few blocks with us as you like. You can add 'orphan' blocks from your stash or make lots of extra blocks. And you don't even have to be Dutch to join in!  I had a lot of fun making the first block, a 6" block with a house and I'm looking forward to what the next challenges will be. :) 

Funky garden quilt

In the past few weeks I already made a few try out blocks which you see pictured (alongside the house block) above. As you can see I'm using a fairly limited palette with grey, blue, orange, white and red. These are colours I associated with Holland. Grey skies, clouds, rain, Delft Blue, the Sea etc etc. I'm definitely going to use some 'typical' Dutch elements too like Windmill blocks. So I hope you feel inspired by this and want to quilt along with us! Or maybe you just would like to see what we're up to in this Quilt Along on our blogs and social media. Look for #doubledutchqal on Instagram and Twitter and you can find the Flickr group here.


  1. I love the Double Dutch quilt! It's such a quirky mixture. I'm a beginner quilter, but will do my best to join in.

    1. yay! I think this is very do-able for a beginner quilter as you can learn lots from making different blocks and if things get too complicated you make a simpler block instead :)

  2. Love your covarage, sure "And you don't even have to be Dutch to join in!". Have fun to everyone


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