Thursday, May 8

Slowly but surely...

Sometimes I feel like my little juggling Polar Bear: trying to keep everything up in the air (household chores, kids, work and everything else) and only just managing. Or actually not managing as the house is often quite untidy, I am always behind with my ironing (and not just a little bit either) and I have a heap of unfinished projects so high it matches my overflowing laundry baskets. I also haven't been out for a run in six weeks. I try to ignore all the 'must-do's' though and squeeze in some crafty time every day. So sometimes things may take a long time to get done, like the Granny Square Quilt Top pictured above, but eventually they get done!

I had finished these blocks two years ago (there was a small Granny Square Quilt hype going on then) but never finished the Quilt Top. As it turned out it was not *that* much work to finish it and I'm so glad I did because I used some of my very favourite fabrics in the quilt. The next step is to quilt it of course.... I also made some blocks for the Double Dutch Random Sampler Quilt Along but will show those in another post.

Whenever I get a chance during the day I stitch on this Yellow Beetle Embroidery. It is a bit 'work' (as it has to do with the Furry Nice Class) but mostly pleasure! Shading in Embroidery is just so much fun. As you can see this one is nearly finished save for a few legs and a flower. :)

Something I haven't had time for yet is to try out every feature on this IKEA sewing machine I bought for Luna last week. I will definitely post a review here on the blog soon and tell you all about it though!


  1. I am VERY interested in what you think about this machine - I want one that I can have at work for lunch break that works!

    1. I hope to report back sometime later this month! This is a proper 'grown up' machine btw, not a small one :)

  2. I love your quilt top and your embroidered beetle!

  3. the beetle is looking amazing! and your quilt top is lovely...sometimes slow is the only way to go. :)

  4. Love the fresh colours you've used in your quilt top.

  5. The quilt is so lovely ~ looking forward to see how you quilt it!
    And the beetle ~ can a beetle be sweet? If so, this one is!

  6. I love your quilt! Beautiful! :)


  7. Thanks everyone! Incidentally I started a new quilt last week (not that there weren't any other unfinished ones hidden in my craft room), wonder how long that'll take to finish... :)

  8. Love your quilt! And the embroidery is great too :)


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