Wednesday, August 20


Here's a half-finished Owl for you. With just a few pencil lines on fabric to roughly mark the outline and the eyes, I started embroidering. Although I started this piece stitching a quite natural looking Owl, I added some not non-natural colours along the way and I'm glad I did.

I love owls and a few years back I got to stroke a real owl which was really awesome. Here's a dorky photo of myself with two of the owls from the Owl Centre I visited in the UK :)


  1. How did you restrain yourself from smuggling that little owl home in your pocket? So, so cute.

  2. What expressive eyes! The kids in the Museum so cute)

  3. I love owls! I did an Owl Morning at a local Raptor & Reptile centre, one of them purred when we stroked it...

  4. I want to pet an owl!!! I love your little stitched one, those fluorescent eyes are so great!


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