Monday, September 22

Jackalope Pattern in Progress

There's much going on behind the scenes here at Follow the White Bunny HQ (which is really just my house) so you have to excuse the not so great photo I nicked from my own Instagram account. I thought I'd share a peek of my new pattern with you and I am touched by the kind comments I got on IG so far. It's kind of a big deal for me as this pattern is the first new pattern (besides the ones in books and magazines) since last October.

Pattern design doesn't always (read: rarely) come easy to me and I rejected many designs before I decided on this one. And then I made some changes while I was stitching the pattern too. I think it's really important to stitch a pattern before you release it to find out what works and what doesn't. So in the process I left out some elements and added others. Obviously the Jackalope was there from the beginning, as were the poppies (my mother's favourite flower). I'm doing my best to have the Jackalope in the shop early next week!


  1. Splendid work!! Colours are great!
    I'm reading "Watership down" by Richard Adams now, exactly about rabbits =) Very interesting book, espesially if you like these animals.

  2. Hi Nicole ...Great colors and sooo cute! Love your Art ... I am signed up for your Furry Class
    and can't wait to learn Your Way :) ...

  3. Hi Nicole, It's pretty great work! color scheme is just awesome... I just love your art, very interesting and cool. Thanks for sharing.


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