Sunday, December 28

2014 in stitches

I embroidered a lot in 2014, this is just a selection of what I made! Furry creatures, especially bears and polar bears, remain a favourite subject but I really liked stitching the owl too. The VW van design I originally made for Australian Homespun Magazine (and made into a pattern later) features all kinds of animals, including a flamingo and an octopus. I also regularly featured flowers in my designs from poppies (in the Jackalope pattern) to a pixelated rose in 5000 French knots (centre) to colourful, folksy flowers in my 'negative' Flower bear piece (bottom right). Next year I will definitely bring you more embroidered animals and flowers! Wishing you all a safe and fun New Years Eve. :)

p.s. there's only 2 days left to buy my PDF patterns!

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