Monday, December 8


Life's little ups and downs (and extra busy family life this time of year) have thrown me off blogging a bit recently and I really only want to blog if I have something to share. But... I really thought you should see this video though (I already shared it on Facebook and Twitter so it might not be new to everyone!) that I found via the Make-zine blog.

It shows how Embroidery Artist Cayce Zavaglia works and although I really don't want to compare myself to this amazing talent, I was happy to see the messy backsides of her embroideries because mine are pretty messy too. These Embroidery backsides show the process of how the artist works. Very much like a painter actually. With needle and thread travelling all over the place. Fabulous stuff.


In other, less inspiring, news: due to new VAT rules in the European Union (I won't bother you with the details) starting January, selling digital downloads (like my patterns) will become more complicated than before. I'm not sure what to do about it but I'm hoping to sort something out in time. However it's possible I will have to stop selling my downloadable patterns for a bit and they won't be available for purchase.

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  1. It gives me comfort to see a messy back on embroidery and needlework. That's the way I work (I'd rather spend the time on the front, than being fussy about what the back looks like). To me, it's a waste of time trying to do it "picture perfect". :o)


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