Tuesday, January 6

Roses and rabbits (and a cat too)

I regularly take photos of my embroideries when I'm working on them.  Mostly to see if I'm on the right track with my colours etc. The obvious spot for taking these photos is near a window, where there's plenty of natural light. A bright, slightly cloudy day is best for taking pictures.

Rain or shine, I always have a trusty assistent helping me out with these photos. ;)

Today I was taking photos of this Rabbit & Roses piece. I'm quite happy with the overall look of this embroidery so far. I did unpick some of the stitching this morning (you can still see some stray floss-fluff on the fabric) as parts of the stitching just were not good enough in my opinion. In the process I managed to push the tip of the seam ripper I used for unpicking, under my nail which wasn't a very pleasant experience. Luckily it was my right hand (I'm left handed) and with lots of band aids on the injured finger, it doesn't stop me from continuing to work on my Rabbit & Roses piece. :)


  1. Your assistant looks to have a very keen eye :) gorgeous stitching. I'm left handed too !

  2. Adorable!

    Also, the piece is looking great. I can't wait to see the finished piece. :)

  3. Your embroidery is so lovely ~ really like the direction you've been taking with the negative space! I just love your assistant ~ I got three of them too!

    1. I will be doing other stuff too but I definitely want to make more of these negative space pieces! I think I need 4 more assistants actually but I'm not sure my husband agrees... :D

  4. This one looks like another goodie. I have two assistants, one is a 5 lb. Papillion dog and the other is a 17 year old 15 lb. calico cat. Every night they argue as to who gets to lie on top of me while I sleep. Usually the Papillion wins.


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