Tuesday, February 24

Birds & Bears looking for a New Home

Soon I will have to clear out my craft/sewing room. We need to install a new bathroom (which is in the space next to my room) and obviously I can't leave all my precious supplies and work as there will be lots and lots of dust. A good opportunity to go through all my stuff and let go of some of it. So in March I will be listing several embroideries in the shop!

Most of them will be small to medium sized and some, like the sea bird, are even hooped and ready to hang. Prices will be friendly, I just hope some (or all) will find a good home and make someone happy instead of being kept in a drawer... :)


  1. Nicole you have a lovely way about you...pretty photos and stitchings..

  2. Ohhhh the bird is spectacular - I love him! Wish I could stitch like that!

  3. I love this bird - birds are a favorite of mine. :) blessings, marlene


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