Wednesday, July 8

Bee & Hive

There's an extra pattern in my Simply Shading Workshop, based on a quote from the Lorde song 'Royals': "You can call me Queen Bee". It's fun to stitch, it has shading and lettering and some shiny satin stitches too.

Right now I feel more like a worker bee than a queen bee though. A very tired worker bee. Tomorrow is the last Shading Workshop. I really put a lot of energy into writing and revising the Workshop. I got help with editing the text which was such a good decision! All the Dutch-isms and other odd things were weeded out by a native speaker/reader. :)

Then suddenly, last week, amidst all the busy workshop-last-minute-editing and end of the year at school activities, our youngest was admitted to hospital. She's back home now and on the mend but it was all a bit worrying and unexpected. It has definitely tipped the balance and I'm going to take a break for a few weeks. I'm go to tend to the 'hive' more than anything else now, and read,  do crafty things for fun and play lots of games with the youngest. Hope to see you all back in a few weeks. :)

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  1. Sounds like a great idea Nicole - I hope you have a nice break and look forward to seeing your posts when you are ready! And hope your wee one gets better quickly!


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