Monday, September 7

Lost and Found

I was thinking of finishing the bear I was stitching a while ago, using sewing thread instead of embroidery thread. The problem is: I'm not quite sure where I put it. It's quite small too so it really could be anywhere. Anyway, when I was looking for my Bear project, I came across lots and lots of unfinished projects, try-outs and doodlecloths. Including the one pictured above. I remember taking out some stitches and damaging the fabric by accident, creating a small hole (above the pink round thingie). Which is why it ended up in a drawer most likely. The good news is: the hole is now covered with the Heavy Chain Stitch!

The Heavy Chain Stitch is a new to me stitch, I saw demonstrated when I was attending the Crewel and Goldwork class at the Royal School of Needlework. The stitch isn't new of course, I just never got around to trying it out. Possibly because I'm not a huge fan of the regular Chain Stitch, I find it hard to keep the stitches even and round and usually just ignore it. :) The Heavy Chain Stitch however is a very tidy looking stitch. At least when you practise it a bit. Mine still looks a bit clumsy (it's the tentacle-like shapes on my doodlecloth) but I've got the hang of it now, I think.

I experimented with colours, different number of strands and making curves. If you have an embroidery handbook, look the Heavy Chain Stitch up and give it a try. It's also sometimes named the Braided Chain Stitch.


  1. love your practice stitching, encouraged by your class at the RSN I am enroling for a diploma - so want to improve my needlework skills.

    1. Oh wow, that’s wonderful to hear. I’m a bit jealous actually, would love to go for a diploma as well but it’s just not possible right now…. Good luck!

  2. It's really beautiful. Need to start on mine, working on two quilts, baby quilt and a thanksgiving runner.


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