Tuesday, November 17

Embroidered Dress

About one and a half year ago I embroidered a white bunny on one of my favourite black dresses. It then looked like this:

I always intended to add more stitching to the dress in a slightly folkloristic style but couldn't make up my mind about a design. So now I just add things and hope for the best! I'm keeping the palette limited to green, white and red (perhaps pink too?). First I added a few green leaves and yesterday I embroidered the rabbit-hole and the beginning of a flower.

The fabric is a soft, fine corduroy and the wales (the vertical lines/ridges in the corduroy) make it quite challenging to stitch on. I always have to place my stitches on an angle to the vertical ridges when I do satin-like stitches, to avoid gaps. And very delicate stitching wouldn't work either on this fabric. I'm definitely going to add more embroidery to this dress, along the border and possibly some near the neckline as well. And until then I'll just keep on wearing it. :)


  1. That is very lovely. If I had something that great I'd wear it out.

  2. Darling, wonderful, happy and inspiring!
    Seriously, I so enjoy your works.
    I've purchased one or two of your designs and I'm going to use them on my new grand daughter's Christmas stocking.
    Keep the inspiration flowing!


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