Wednesday, December 16

Workshop coming up in 2016!

Next year I'll be hosting an Embroidery workshop for Beginners in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) at a local gift & craft shop called 'Maak' (which means 'Make') . I know that's probably halfway around the world for most of you, but just in case you live within travel distance of Rotterdam: come join me! The price is 30 euros and coffee (or tea) cake and a kit with supplies and instructions are included (yay!).

It's a workshop for beginners, but if you happen to be a little more advanced in your embroidery skills, I'm happy to help too. I can also give instructions in English, so please feel welcome too if you don't speak Dutch and think you can bear my Dutch accent. :) Mail to the ladies at 'Maak' to sign up for the workshop.

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  1. Oh, wouldn't I love to join you in the class! Alas, I live in Portland, Oregon ~ too far to just pop over.


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