Friday, January 15

Flowers in Winter

You may remember that I made a couple of these 'negative space' projects last year. When I look at those projects (well at the ones I finished anyway) I think: 'This looks really nice'. Immediately followed by: 'But it's so much work!' It's a lot of fun to do though: the shading, the fill stitching, experimenting with colour combinations (not always a success) and trying to improve my embroidery techniques at the same time. Today I added the flower on the top right, that looks like a poppy (at least I hope it does). It was a bit of a struggle as I used too many shades, and in some parts the stitches were incredibly small which really isn't good. In the end I made some adjustments so I'm not completely unhappy with the final result. Hoping to be able to show you a finished piece in a week or three!


  1. I love your negative space projects. This is beautiful. Yes, it does look like a poppy!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love it!


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