Monday, April 13

Happy bunny Give Away (a small one)

I was just so curious about what everybody was doing with my embroidery patterns that I found myself checking Flickr regularly for possible new additions. So...I started my own Flickr group and because I am a very optimistic person I am confident that all of the embroideries made with my patterns will be showcased there! :)

Today there are already 30 of you who have joined my little group! That makes me a very happy bunny and I want to celebrate it with a modest give a way. The winner of this giveaway can choose 2 single PDF patterns from my shop! All I ask of you is to leave a comment. It would be awesome if you could share with me what embroidery pattern you would like to see in my shop. Give away ends Friday the 17th of April noon Oslo time! Oslo in Norway, Europe that is (are there any other Oslo's?)
sorry, you cannot enter the giveaway anymore. Winner will be announced soon!
Ye ol' shoppe is here:
And you can find the Flickr group here:
Sorry about the ugly links, I haven't figured out yet how to make them look good.


  1. what a great giveaway, your designs are so sweet. i dont know of another oslo...but now i want to go see if there is one

  2. the link to your etsy doesnt work
    what is the your seller name?

  3. Thank you for your feedback Susan, the link does work now! My username on Etsy is Kloin!

  4. I've been admiring your patterns on Flickr for a while now! I'm looking forward to stitching the forest animal pattern for my new baby. I'd love to see more fairy tale themes, just because I love them so.

  5. Very adorable! I'm looking forward to looking at your designs further!

  6. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it looks like it didn't work.
    I would love you to do some more of the bunny and key embroidery patterns - they are so gorgeous, and really unique! :-)

  7. I just purchased two of your patterns (great package deal!) and can't wait to get started!

  8. oh, that was you barncat! I'm sure you can use 2 more patterns though... :)

  9. Hi Nicole!
    I am the first follower: dddd
    and of course I want one or two of your embroidery patterns!
    count me in, please!! :)
    how about a pattern with the Little Red Riding Hood, or the cat of boots: D
    big big HUG

  10. Lovely lovely give away!! Please do count me in!

  11. I love your patterns! More of your wonderful vintage fairy tale style would be great.
    Is wonderful and would make a perfect embroidery piece.


  12. Yellow Nicole!
    I would love to have one of your patterns!
    count me in for the "Give Away", please! :o)
    About a new pattern for the shop, how about "Alice in wonderland" i love the cat with that big smile :), "The Ugly Duckling" i dont know if is like this the translation, or "Pinocchio" :*)
    Kiss Kiss

  13. Oh, count me in, please! I have been loving your flickr photos and would love to stitch up some of your beautiful patterns.

  14. oh my goodness - i just found your designs and they are so sweet. i love, love, love the princess and the pea pattern. i can't wait to see more patterns, i agree with early bird special - in the fairy tale theme.

  15. count me in! what a sweet give away!

  16. Thanks for setting up a fun giveaway, and I would like to enter!
    (This is 'sew'nquilt). I am not sure if this is all we have to do! Yes- fairytale themes and the little woodland animals are very welcome, since your style is the perfect interpretation for the whimsical world of childhood.
    And yes- tiles!

  17. I have bought 2 of your patterns before so winning the other 2 would be perfect ;) I just love your designs.

  18. Hi Nicole I never use one of your pattern but I will love to, the idea of seeing the wonderful designs you create around my house makes me happy!

  19. I just stumbled upon your cute patterns today via flickr :)


  20. Creating Hyperlinks
    is the site that I use for a nice link. I just cut and paste the link. Sorry I missed your giveaway.

  21. Thank you for this link Cheryl! Don't worry about the giveaway, I will do another one before I leave the country :)