Friday, April 17

And the winner is....

So...there were 16 entries to my little giveaway. I thought about doing a computerised draw first, but that wouldn't have been as much fun. So I wrote all of your names down on post-its and put them in my Stroopwaffle Jar and the first one to come out was:
Congratulations! You can choose 2 of the following patterns: The Delft Blue tiles, The Anteater, Under the Ivy or the Princess and the Pea. But there is also a mystery pattern. I'm still working on it and it hasn't been tried yet. It's small, it's cute and there's a bear involved. It will be ready later this weekend. You can choose that too if you'd like. Mail me your preferences please!

But that's not all. Because it's such a happy sunny springy day here in Hafrsfjord, I decided to draw 2 runners up who get to choose 1 of the patterns. The second and third ones to come out of the jar were: Georgia and Jenessa. Congratulations to you too and please mail me which pattern you would like to receive.

I think I will do another giveaway soon, it's so much fun. Thank you all for your comments. I love the ideas you gave me for new patterns. The fairy tale theme is very popular, so there definitely will be another one of those soon!


  1. Woo! Woo! :-D Thanks Nicole!

    Seeing as I have almost, *almost* finished the princess, I will choose the mystery bear.

  2. I still do not believe this.
    Thank you very much.
    It will be hard to choose but I will give my best:)
    I already sent you an flikrmail.

    Kiss Kiss

  3. thank you, that is so generous of you to pick more than just one name. and i had no idea there were special jars for stroopwaffles - too cool!


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