Saturday, April 18


I felt like treating myself to a little something because I sold a few patterns and I bought this lovely handmade felt needlebook on Etsy. Is it called a needlebook? I don't know but it sure is handy! And because it's useful I feel less guilty about buying even more craft stuff. I had a hard time choosing from all the lovely designs, but I went for the crazy owl needlebook in the end. Everybody loves owls don't they? The seller is called BigFish and she sells lovely buttons too.


  1. too cute, and it's always good to reward yourself... if it's functional to help you even more - what a bonus! and too cute

  2. That is very sweet and so are your embroidery designs! I see your blog is new, welcome to the world of blogs, though I found you through Flickr. With a blog you can tell more about what you're working on. All the best!
    Joanie :)

  3. Thank you joanie I'm going to try and keep it up to date :)


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