Sunday, April 19

Bear Butt and a lovely Princess

The great thing about Flickr is waking up and finding out what your friends 'down under' and 'on the other side of the ocean' have been up to. This morning Georgia had posted her amazing version of my Princess pattern. I love it! And Cathy had posted a lovely picture of my new pattern Hibernating all waiting to be stitched up by her. I'm so looking forward to the result! The pattern is not finished yet, I still think the Bear Butt needs some adjustment.
: ) I know it's sort of the wrong season to introduce a hibernating bear embroidery pattern, but I made it and thought maybe people who are preparing for colder times (in Australia and New Zealand) would appreciate a cozy bear pattern.


  1. I found the bear - he's lovely, of course. I wondered if he would be the sleepy bear from the fireplace. The woodgrain looks fantastic!
    Here is a wombat butt to match your bear butt


  2. This si very cute, I love the Princess and the Pea.
    That lovely patter makes me want to embroider again.

  3. oh, now i really need to get my butt in gear and embroider that pattern! and for hibernating bear... or for people like me who are either very behind or trying to get ahead :)

  4. Wat een schattig patroontje! Dit doet me enorm aan mijn dochter denken. Ook heel mooie kleuren.

  5. I just love it! Always want to jump into even more hobbies when I see things like this!


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