Monday, April 20

French knot

It took me a long, long time to learn how to do the French knot. Thanks to the excellent Video tutorial on Mary Corbet's Needle'nThread I was able to master it. Her website is a great resource if you want to learn new stitches.
This is a test embroidery of a new pattern by the way. As I watched a picture of a sleeping Wombat (well of his butt anyway, I assume he was sleeping) this morning I thought of making a pattern similar to the Hibernating Bear pattern. This one has a sleeping wombat and instead of the woodgrain an aboriginal inspired 'frame'.


  1. way cute - and don't you just love fench knots?! i've been working on a black sheep like thing (it's actually a german product animal)and the "wool" is all french knots.

  2. ack....cuteness! who doesn't love a wombat?!


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