Tuesday, April 28

Works in Progress

How many works in progress can someone have? A lot! This one (photo on the right) is another try out of a new pattern I made last weekend. There will be lots of french knots and a Doe and I couldn't wait to start on it myself! But...I'm also still working on my Princess on the Pea embroidery. I really want to try new stitches on that one so it will probably take me some time to finish it. Then there are two embroidery Wip's from vintage patterns (a 'Bee Relaxed' one and a bunny -surprise!-), haven't touched them in months and both are nearly finished. I'm also working on a Sublime Stitching Forest Friend Owl and some Wee Wonderful Stitchette Summer embroideries. Am I the only who does this?

The embroideries that actually get finished (most of them I'm proud to say!) usually end up tucked away in a cupboard waiting for the 'right' project to use them. My wombat try-out embroidery was also heading that way but I amazed myself and made a pillow cover with it! :)


  1. I hate to think how many WIP's I have! Bridget's pinwheel quilt, a 30's 9 patch quilt, one of the Allsorts embroideries, the hibernating bear embroidery, the Cherry Blossom Doe, a cross-stich from years ago, a toy mouse, ...I think that's it...

  2. Oh yes these were only the embroidery WIP's, there's a basket full of sewing WIP's too :/

  3. are you kidding me?! i have some birds started for coasters (but i think i cut them too close dang it!), a koi embroidery, a dragon embroidery, i printed the princess and the pea, but i know what i want to do with that so i need to buy fabric or a simple blanket first! that's of course not to mention the quilt 1/2 quilted, two quilt tops getting done, 3 quilts cut, a purse waiting to be cut, and a number of embroideries done looking for a use. you are so not the only one who does that. :)

  4. Oh goodness, between knitting, sewing, and embroidering I've got tons of WIP's, too. Like you, I also have the Bee Relaxed pattern that I wanna start stitching, too! I transfered it a long time ago, and it's just been sitting in the hoop waiting for me to get started. I love the whole "Bee" series!


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