Friday, May 1

First steps

There is that old Chinese saying that the longest journey starts with a single step. With my embroideries I love that first step and the idea of a long journey. It's just that I'm rather an ill-prepared traveler. Some people will start a journey knowing where they are going, which route they will take and what they need while traveling. Other people will just start, only vaguely knowing where they are going and are willing to trail off their path to explore unknown roads. I think I'm more that type of embroiderer. Apart from the pattern, as starting point, most of my projects lack any kind of plan. The only certainty is that they always take longer than I thought and I always seem to miss that one colour in my floss stash that the project absolutely needs. :)


  1. I'm exactly the same as you Nicole. Always missing the one I need when I thought I couldn't possibly be missing a single colour! Have a great weekend:)

  2. Nicole, I traced my Princess and the Pea onto my fabric today. I brought my floss into my bedroom to match colors for the matresses!! Fun Fun!

  3. I'm the same too, I never have any idea of how things will turn out when I am just beginning. The same with quilts too - i have no idea how people plan for their quilts to be a particular size,and how they figure out how much of each fabric they will need!


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