Saturday, May 2

Oil cloth love

I love oil cloth! The prints are so happy, bright and pretty. Last year I bought some oilcloth on Etsy because I had an idea to make suitcase labels with it but somehow never got round to actually make them. Anyway, last week I came across this shop on Etsy. First I was tempted to buy one (or two) of the many cute lunchbags that were for sale but in the end I went for the 'do it yourself' kit with all the ingredients to make two oilcloth lunchbags. I chose a pink pineapple print for Luna, and a turquoise cherry print for Zoe. I just made Luna's bag and it was fun, quick and so easy to do! Because oilcloth is quite thick I used a denim (size 16) needle. I will certainly do more with oil cloth in the future! Lots of tips on using oilcloth on this blog.

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