Tuesday, May 5

Bunny FQ Give away and a bit

Give away is closed winner will be drawn soon!

Are these sewing themed fabrics not mouthwatering cute? That's what I thought when I saw them and I bought rather a lot of it. Having already shared some with some crafty friends I thought I'd share a bit more with one of you. Don't worry there is still plenty left for me. :) The fabrics are by Alexander Henry and are called Sew now, Sew wow and Perfect pattern. There is one fat quarter and some smaller pieces (17 by 8 inches or something) and I threw in a golden sunny vintage ric rac as well. So the only thing you will have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment before noon (oslo time) saturday may 9, and tell what your current or next sewing project is! Because I don't know where each and everyone of you lives please check back this weekend or leave an email address so I can contact you.


  1. Oh wow. What a giveaway! I'm in! My next sewing project is making a couple of cushions using my new fave fabric, Social Climber and I haven't quite decided what on the back :-)

  2. What beautiful fabrics:)
    Are you a hands wide as they say here :D

  3. Fantastic give away! Love those fabrics!

    My next sewing project will be making sleep boxers for myself. And I was also inspired by a post by wildolive on flickr and also plan on making a felt wrist cuff for myself too!


  4. Thanks for offering the fun giveaway! I currently am sewing for Mothers' Day, the towels with quilted fabric top-holders and ties for the kitchen, plus I need to do another undecided item for the other mother! Just made a nice tote/shopping bag for a friend's birthday, from nice floral inherited fabric, and will do one for myself as well, and need to get going on boxers for my son's birthday.

  5. What a lovely giveaway! At the moment I am working on a swap with for a dear friend with a lovely Ursula Schertz stitchery and I am planning to make this whole quilt by Ursula Schertz soon for myself.
    Thank you for letting me enter your giveaway!

  6. funny fabrics
    my actual sewing project are 2 quilts for a grape/wine themed exhibition in august

  7. Hi Nicole, great giveaway idea!
    I'm currently working on Aita Pleated Clutch, and I'm soooo behind the schedule. Oh well, though it's not that bad.

  8. Cuteness!! I am not sewing fabric together....but using a needle and thread for my Princess and the Pea picture!! I am having fun stitching this one because it is for me!

  9. As you have already shared some with me, it would be mighty greedy of me to enter, wouldn't it? So I'll sit out, although it does kill me to do so.
    My next sewing project is finishing off a heap of wips, right now I'm piecing the back for a lap quilt.

  10. I love those fabrics! I'd love to win.
    My next projects are repurposing mens button up shirts into different dresses for my little girl. You can read the inspiration on my 30days blog here:
    Hope I win!!

  11. Ohh i forgot to say something about my projects in tese days :)
    I am trying to make some sachets with seeds that i cath in the country, a little patchwork project for a towel or for sometnhing for the kitchen :)
    Also making some cushions for my home, some cross stich that i have to end it, and also want to make som embroidery project that a crafty friend sent me :)
    That is something... :D

  12. My next project is either making clothing for a teddy bear or reconstructing a thrifted dress into a top and a skirt.

  13. I love AH fabrics so much! My next sewing project is hopefully going to be a thread catcher to help keep the house a little tidier. My threads get everywhere!

  14. yay, a giveaway! :)
    i am now finishing up some little redcap embroideries on linen to make some covered buttons, and next up is the doll quilt for dqs6 on flickr (which i am late to be finishing...yikes!). maybe i should get to work?!
    p.s. LOVE the doe + blossoms!

  15. Don't cot me in the giveaway because I was lucky enough to find some of these fabrics in my letterbox not so long ago. ;-)
    My current sewing project is finishing off Bridget's pinwheel quilt. The top is done, but I have to put a back together, then all the quilting...

  16. Argh - that should be "don't COUNT me in the giveaway". I *can* spell, just can't type. :-/

  17. you just had a giveaway! and you just started your blog, you are one sharing, giving lady! i'm still trying to finish quilting a king sized quilt, then i need to bind it. in the mean time i'm working on embroidering a dragon and i think i'll be piecing some less than spotless white shirts together, maybe tea dye them first, and embroider the princess and the pea on that for a simple throw

  18. here I am :)))
    I love giveaways :)
    I must do some pillows-orders :))
    and who knows .... maybe a dress for my daughter :D
    big hug

  19. Cute! I haven't seen those fabrics before, but I always love Alexander Henry prints. I'm loving the sunny ric rack too!


    ebscrafts at gmail dot com

  20. What a generous giveaway! Since the weather is warming up here, my next project is to make myself a couple of summery skirts.

  21. amazing giveaway!! I want to participate!!
    I'm working on a pink quilt for mother's day usin floral prints! that is my sewing project!

  22. What a sweet give-away! My next project is finishing a picnic blanket embroidered with a pattern from wildolive.

  23. Hi all!
    Thanks for this great giveaway.
    Actually i'm working on a bed quilt for my mom.(Yes I know that mom's day has passed out but I'm a litle bit slowly ;p). I hope to finish it on the next month.
    I love Alexander's fabrics
    Thanks for this chance


  24. My next sewing project is also going to be my frist! I bought my first sewing machine (vintage 70s aqua colored Singer) for $5 at a garage sale. The first thing I'm going to sew is a headband for summer, so my hair won't be in my face as much.

  25. Yummy fabrics! I love that A. Henry perfect pattern fabric!
    My current sewing project is a custom doll made in the likeness of Frida Kahlo for a swap. I am having so much fun designing the clothing for her.


  26. You are so generous! I love giveaways, which makes me think I should gear up to have one myself sometime soon...
    Anyhow, my next sewing project is Amy Butler's Birdie Sling bag. I just need to find a little block of time to get started, preferably not late at night when I'm feeling sleepy!
    Have a great weekend.


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