Thursday, May 7

My embroidery 'un paperbag'

About a year ago I made the bag you can see here on the left cleverly displayed on Luna's scooter. It's based on a Purl Bee tutorial and it's called the Unpaper bag. I love the Unpaper bag especially it's 'boxy bottom' . The bag on the photo is a rather cheap version made with Ikea fabric as outer fabric (I still have A LOT of that fabric by the way, it was on sale when it went out of their fabric collection) and twill tape handles. Usually store bought bag handles -plastic, bamboo and most of all leather- are rather expensive and this works fine for me. Baghandles would make the bag look more classy I suppose. My Unpaper bag is now my embroidery bag but I'm sure it is a great bag to hold other crafty stuff too. I made two other Unpaper bags after this one, both to hold several smaller gifts. My bag looks a bit floppy, that's because it is a bit floppy. Instead of interfacing I used an extra layer of cotton fabric which I thought would do the job. A thicker outer fabric would probably help too.

Many thanks to everyone who has responded to the giveaway and the freebie pattern. Just to be clear: the giveaway is really only 1 fat quarter and several smaller pieces of fabric. And the gorgeous ricrac of course. I thought maybe some of you were under the impression that there were several fat quarters...


  1. one day, one day i will get around to making a bag - the nice thing about being in germany is that you just buy a few of the canvas bags (i really like kaufland b/c theirs are plain and i plan on embroidering on them... again, one day). and i like yours, floppy or not. i like to think of it as "giving" or accommodating.

  2. This is really a bag you can make in hour or two. You must give it a try some time, you will never want to buy a totebag again once you have made your own! :)

  3. Hi there, stopping by via Flickr.
    I've made the Unpaper Bag, too, and I love mine. Since I made my own tote, I look at all those in the stores and think, well, that's very cute, but I could make that myself!

  4. I like the slight floppiness, actually. I think it makes it more useful - can be screwed up into a ball, chucked in your bag and ready for any emergency!


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