Tuesday, May 19


I suffered from a severe case of Little Red Riding Hood Embroidery Pattern makers block, so I had to put poor LRRH and Mr. Wolf aside to give other ideas a chance. Because I have plenty of ideas and I even made something of a plan for the rest of the year. I would love to do some patterns inspired by medieval pictures/ideas (called 'Get medieval on your embroidery') and at least one more fairy tale inspired pattern. I'd also like to do more paintings and maybe even make a serie of (printed) postcards. Oh and then there is still my Animal Alphabet. So much to do! Everything has to wait until after my move back to the Netherlands though. The only thing I think I can manage to squeeze in is a new hibernation pattern! I'm extremely busy but I will try to finish it within the next couple of days!


  1. I was wondering how your LRRH was going.
    Sounds like you have some great ideas coming up! :-D

  2. I want to see the animal alphabet! That sounds cute.

  3. I will post something about it in the next couple of days! :)


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