Friday, May 22

Zzzzzzzz and fruit on a stick

Yay! The new hibernating pattern is finished and in the shop now. It's very sweet and the quills are so fast to embroider! I've added little stitches in a lighter colour (not in the pattern it would have made transferring the image a bit complicated!). This will really be the last new pattern before I move. Around the 20 th of june I will close my shop for a week or two so get your hedgie/bear/bunny/anteater/princess etc now!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the Flickr discussion in The Follow the White Bunny Embroidery group and helping me decide which theme to choose for the Bunny Stitch Along! A lot of people like the idea of a fall teaparty with animals so I'm going to try and make something nice of it. A few people also suggested hedgehogs. I did not get my Hibernating Hedgehog idea from that by the way. I was reading some stuff about the perception of animals in Medieval times (because of the medieval patterns I'm planning to do later this year) and there was an amusing story about Hedgehogs. Popular belief was that Hedgehogs rolled on the ground in grapes or apples and carried the fruits away on their quills! I didn't know this and the funny thing is that for Luna's birthday last year I made a hedgehog (half a cabbage) with 'fruit on a stick' as it's quills!


  1. I'm saving my pennies right now but I'll keep my eyes peeled for those medieval patterns later this year. I love Medieval stuff. And I'm crossing my fingers you'll do an elephant pattern one day.

  2. oh such a funny story!! i cant wait to see what you create! a fall tea party with animals sounds delish!

  3. funny story, that "edible" hedgehog must have been the coolest centerpiece ever. did you take a picture?!

  4. I did, but several computers have crashed since then so I have no idea where to find it now :/


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