Sunday, May 24

Sunday stash # 4 Vintage Vogart Patterns

Can you call 10 patterns a 'stash'? Anyway these are most of my vintage embroidery patterns. I think the Hans and Gretel on top is my favourite! Most of them are in o.k. condition and more or less complete. I've used a vintage pattern, not pictured here it's a 'bee' pattern, a little while ago. It was already cut and it still transferred very well. I shall finish it soon, it's nearly done, and show it to you!


  1. i would call ten of anything a stash! i covet your vogarts!! especially that hansel and gretel!! nice.

  2. yup i think you got a stash going on ;) it's hard to see all the pattern envelopes but i see that you have a cute bear one!

  3. yes, i agree this is a stash! I really like the vogart patterns and have a few too


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